“Only when you were to have found yourself in the most remote and darkest depths of space where you can clearly hear yourself scream while no one else can, does the true terror and reality of your situation fully set in while you choose between fight or flight where neither may be available.”
– ┬áBob Sellers JR, StarFall

StarFall – The Dalea Chronicles

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Starling – The Dalea Chronicles

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Star Date: 2228.
Welcome to Science Station Barbarossa Six which remains in sustained orbit of Kellios Three as things around it will begin to be torn apart.

For every species evolution must begin or resume somewhere as more often than not survival breeds patience, contempt and change.
Witness the ongoing battles of Science Officer Chloe Redmond who has to deal with both as she attempts to master a dark side which threatens to have overshadowed what little that may have remained of her sanity along with everything else that could have gone with it while she fights desperately to not only survive but to find who and what may remain of her missing crew on a distant and foreign planet far below.
From start to finish it will be a race against both time and need as she confronts her demons and her innermost demon confronts a newfound host very much in kind.

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Cover Artwork supplied by the following artists:
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  • Taylor J. Sellers