“Never, ever cross swords with someone who knows the inner workings of a Gatling gun and has the wherewithal to not only have improved upon the design, but to also to have made more than one working model as it never ends well.”
–  Bob Sellers JR, Blood-Bath

Weird Wild West – Book IV
(Work In Progress)

Welcome back to the Weird Wild West

Here horsepower is measured in hands or hooves while the caliber of weapon that you have on hand can make the difference between life and death upon the open frontier of the Western United States.

All around you there are people who are not as they appear and others who watch them.

Supernatural and mortal alike join forces to reach what peace that can be found between them as hunters can become prey and prey can become the hunter.

Through a shared history that stretches from Roman times to that of the Weird Wild West and back where vengeance will be delivered and justice finally served.

Join us as we continue their story.

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Cover Artwork supplied by the following artists:
Cover Design Creative Assistance by the following artist:
  • Taylor J. Sellers