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Welcome To The Weird Wild East



“In reality its not the shock of an electric eel that should worry you for it’s their bite that should be of much greater concern and caution when one is forced to deal with them more directly than might otherwise have been appreciated or anticipated.”
–  Bob Sellers JR, Blood-Feud

Weird Wild West – Origins Book I

(Read Work In Progress HERE)

Welcome to the Weird Wild West of New York City

Horsepower here is measured in hands or hooves while the caliber of weapon that you have on hand can make the difference between civilized life and death as it very much has proven to have been upon the much more volatile and open frontier of the Western United States where the streets are often equally dusty and lead can run as hot as the women are fast and the politics prove even faster.

All around you there are people who are not as they appear and others who watch them.

Supernatural and mortal alike join forces to reach what peace that can be found between them as hunters can become prey and prey can become the hunter.

Through a shared history that stretches from Roman times to that of the Weird Wild West and back where vengeance will be delivered and justice finally served.

Join us as we continue their story as we move from coast to coast and points between.

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