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Web Page and Updates

Web pages (and blogs for that matter) can be as much fun  as crafting a story, although to be honest there are just way too many ways that things can be put together along with the opinions that abound on which way is better, one over another.

Fortunately WordPress makes it fairly easy to organize and present whatever someone may want to present and how they can do it.

Recently I’ve come to realize just how complicated, albeit initially well intended, that my websites had become, so that I was able to simplify and organize both of them to present a whole lot better on both a computer screen as well as on my phone and other mobile devices.

Many people who start out designing websites forget (much like I did to some extent) how important it is for a website to fit on that itty-bitty screen. The advantage of course is that when you want to access something quickly and you’ve designed it properly it works much better than it would have previously.

That being said, I’ve adopted the same format (Twenty-Sixteen) within WordPress for both my Author website as well as my BBQ website and hope that going forward it will present both itself and what tools that I hope to list as suggestions for others who might also find them useful in either place.

While I had become partial to and preferred the format and layout of the Zombie Apocalypse theme, the process of keeping things organized between them became far more work than it was worth and it did not present as well as I would have liked on the small screen.

Websites should never become stale for very long and mine will continue to grow and get better as it is tweaked and updated.

Book Updates

Speaking of growth, I’ve held off on publishing the e-book versions of my short stories while I work to complete the next two books in my Weird Wild West series so that I can then focus on the e-books together at the same time.

Blood-Born is nearing completion and I’m hoping to have it published this Summer with Dead-Men Hanging following not that long afterward.

Figured I’d give an update to keep my Blog fresh as well 8)

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