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Fr. Tom Reibold

Rev. Thomas Jerome Reibold
Instructor, Superior Senior High School
August 10, 1939 – June 12, 1993

Author’s Note: My sincere appreciation goes out to Debra Lieberg, Chancellor and  Diocesan Dir. of Respect Life, Diocese of Superior for having found this in their archives for me.

Remember in your prayers this weekend Father Thomas Reibold who died Saturday morning.  Father was our pastor at St. Anthony’s longer than any other priest and often reminded us we were his family as well as he part of ours.  He baptized our babies and buried our loved ones. 

We have many memories of Father Reibold – his love of children, his “math” sermons, his bread making machine, his jokes, the doughnuts he frequently supplied, Charlie Brown and most of all the humor he shared with us weekly.

  In our parish directory, Father said “Take special notice of the faces of the children … can we pass on to these children our cherished traditions, a spirit of dedicated vitality and a renewed spirit to carry them into the next century?”  It is for these things, through our young people, that Father’s spirit will most remain with us.

To paraphrase one of Father’s most often quoted sources:

“You were a good man Father Tom.”

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