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The Power of Business Cards


So, how do you get the word out about your books, your website, your blog?

Well, business cards can play an important part as you slip them in books that you give away or sign. Sometimes asking a library if they have post board to put one up (some do, many don’t — ask the next time you visit your local library.)

For a long time I printed my own cards which became a burden for my printer. Comparing the cost of buying the stock versus having them printed made me try out VistaPrint (listed under resources).

Now, those that know me also know that I’m a BBQ (barbecue) Pit Master with a team that I compete with. So, instead of making two different cards for each hobby/passion, I’ve opted to go with a dual sided card that I can give out.

What would the benefit be in doing that?

Well for starters, BBQ folks who get my card could also be someone who might be interested in my books (a shameless plug but it has worked for others).

Following the great design setup with VistaPrint  I was able to design a card that has two distinct sides to it.

bcarda bcardf


And with two very distinct personalities. To add some to the mix, you could make a run of cards with one pair of books and others with different pairings which you could then shuffle to add variety as you give them out.

Now another benefit will be that I can take the card design for either one and make it a banner/poster to hang at a competition or should I ever have a booth or showing somewhere an author’s poster to hang from my table.

Yet something else to consider as you take what may be a hobby to another level where you want folks to know who you are and where to find your works.

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