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The Fun and Infrastructure of Going Live with First Book

I’m very happy so far with the process of moving from short stories to more cohesive tales on Wattpad to the first published book of a series using CreateSpace and KDP.

Book I – Blood-Lines

Available on Amazon/Kindle Now

Part of the many things an author goes through before publishing is setting up their “infrastructure” for their first book that will be in place for those that will follow.

Somethings, however, are left to the last minute of sorts as Amazon does not allow you to create your Author page until you have published your book, which is perfectly acceptable, but at the same time adds some angst as you patiently wait for Amazon to show your book and then set about learning what there is to set up for an author’s page.

Fortunately, I’ve done a ton of research and watched countless YouTube videos and Podcasts (shout-out here to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Podcast) where I’ve learned quite a bit from what others before me have wished they’d done or have shown step by step what they would suggest doing.

So far the only weird thing that has come out of the process of reading, re-reading, updating and fixing was an unusual highlight to lines in the Kindle version which I’ve sent a note to KDP to help me figure out. Oddly enough the odd highlights do not show up in the “Peak inside” option, so who knows.

But, this again shows that now matter how many thousand times you check something and then re-check it, more often than not the final release will have to be checked again.

So when the several copies that I’ve ordered arrive, I will be painstakingly looking through them prior to giving them out.

But, I have now checked yet another bucket list item off as I’ve become a published author.

Everything else that comes with it will be met with a smile.

And perhaps a grumble but a smile no less 8)

My Amazon Author Page

My initial book listings as print and Kindle

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