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Hmmmm … interesting book …  By Les
“I like westerns, but am not someone who would normally pick up a book on vampires and such. This was an interesting read because it is something I would never have normally picked out to read. I thought the author did a good job of weaving the two genres together and adding some mystery into the story line as well. The book held my interest, flowed well, and had a good story line – even if you don’t normally like story lines of paranormal activities.”

A unique and entertaining read … By Brian

“I truly enjoyed reading Blood-Lines by Bob Sellers Jr. The old west came to life on the pages with descriptive writing and gritty characters. Sellers offered a big twist on the typical western, portraying a hidden, mysterious, and supernatural world lurking in the shadows of the Weird Wild West. The sly detective work throughout the story added to the formula, giving Blood-Lines the subtle flavor of The X-Files set in the 1800’s. I recommend the book to anyone interested in the wild and weird side of the old west.”

The wild, weird west at its best! … By Lynn

“I am a fan of horror and the paranormal, ever since I was a kid, I found solace in books that warped my sense of reality and added unnerving, spine tingling details to the trivialities of life. I also loved westerns, though I must confess, these were more foreign to me than horror stories set in contemporary times. Still, I had this fascination about lawmen and outlaws that drove me right into the heart of it.

This novel is perfect marriage between paranormal and western. Bob Sellers is an author dedicated to the craft, a natural story teller. He’s capable of spinning a satisfying tale that has snippets of American history without being preachy (if anything, I bet, he’ll jump start your curiosity about times long gone.) That;s how effective he is when building up setting and working ambiance into his story.

His world is not picture perfect: hints of violence and unsettling dangers are always present, as much as the beauty of the wilds of Wyoming. Man and mature are both characters. When Marshal Augustus Poe enters the picture he believes, in all right, he is in control. However, the circumstances he’d face are not as… human as he expects.

Soon enough, a hunt for outlaw elements uncovers a secret hidden for centuries.

Telling you more will spoil it. I rather have you discover it by yourself. but is you like well placed mysteries, dashes of action, well rounded, strong characters and cliffhangers that will leave you wanting more…go check the Weird side of the Wild West”

Wattpad Commentary:

“An interesting setting that departs from the bulk of paranormal/supernatural stories out there.”

“Oh boy, the descriptions! Poe is a character! Your narrative style is superb!”

“Oh, loved that dirt was dirt line 🙂 That sort of spot on one liners will keep me reading every time.”

“I’m really digging this gritty western and this supernatural twist has me hooked.”

“Things just got a turn towards the supernatural and just like I thought, there was more to Medusa (and those bullet dodging gamblers).”

“The bit of Wild West CSI got me all thrilled!”

“Cowboy’s vs vampires is just awesome.”

“So much been said about Crazy Bear without the character even having to open his mouth. “

“Nothing better than welcome with a shotgun.”

“Things are really taking a turn towards terrifying.”

“More supernatural elements appear and what a wonderful intro to witches/demon breeds! Plus the town’s name… What are the magical consequences of living in a place called Goblin Toe? I wonder :D”

“An Alpha coming in to check on things is never good news.”

“I love your female characters. Most people, when writing any category within the frame of certain time periods tend to write women as damsels in distress. You have an array of strong females that are quite interesting, considering they are constantly gambling their lives, not only because of the environment and time they belong to, but because of the nature of some of their peers.”

“One has to love your attention to detail. There’s no dialogue here, just a woman moving from point A to point B. And yes, we were right there with her, every step of the way!”

“Your writing is smooth with rough and gritty wording. I think that’s what draws me to it.”

“Yours is some flawless writing, but there are scenes that go beyond hitting me hard, jumping out of the page.”

“The ghostly child and his memories of the massacre really add to the tension.”

“These cliff hangers are making an emotional wreck out of me!”

“Nice character introductions.”

“I’m quite invested on all these characters and finding layers to them only makes me more of a fan!”

“Nice buildup of things going down and others ready to happen.”

“Intriguing background to the mansion.”

“That connection between sisters is the scariest notion I’ve read in a while. “

“I love the way you have brought such eloquent characters to the “weird” wild west!”

“Nice interesting and descriptive scenes.”

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