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So Why Multiple Covers?

bloodspatter_cover_for_kindle  cover_bloodspatter9a

Simply put, covers are a lot like fishing lures.

Beyond the title of a book or series of books, the covers themselves are what can draw a reader to choose to purchase or sample a particular book. I’ve actually stumbled into the middle of a series and gone back to read from the start simply by having seen the cover of the middle book.

In this case, I had one cover that I liked as it drew your attention, while others (my Wife included) did not seem comfortable with my choice. So after communicating with CreateSpace support, I opted to change plans and will release the same book with two different covers.

As an effort not to mislead those who may think they are different books, I marked them on the back to show their separate cover options. Hopefully this will cut down on some of the confusion while with others they may want to get both covers, who knows.

At any rate, both books will have separate ISBNs and will be listed separately both in print and as e-books.

So far while planning this I have discovered that simply having a different cover can make for a price difference which I can only attribute to the larger image. Accordingly though, both books will have the same cover price while one will have a lesser profit margin than the other.

How it will play out in sales will be interesting to see and will be the focus of a future post to report what I find once I release both this winter.

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