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New Look, New Home, New Feel

New Look, New Feel, New Home

Although always having found myself somewhat reluctant at my age to have made most any sort of huge technological changes with anything, after much thought and consideration along with some great advice from a wonderful WordPress resource and fellow author Deleyna Marr, I recently chose to move both of my websites and from one provider to another.

Now, to be honest, these particular changes were precipitated by the growing need to have moved both sites from http to https for many rather obvious reasons to consider and appreciate.

Clearly from my side of things there are absolutely no bad feelings or obnoxious whining of complaint that you may have assumed that you might have otherwise found in post like this given the title.

To be perfectly clear and to reiterate yet again, I will always recommend GoDaddy to anyone interested in setting up their websites whether they happen to use WordPress or not as GoDaddy offers great services along with great introductory prices – hence why I was with them for as long as I was, at least until very recently.

To prove my point, below and here is a link to go check them out and see what they might have to offer should you find yourself or others out looking for a great web hosting service to consider for even I would still recommend them without much if any hesitation but perhaps with certain caveats which are far more clearly laid out in several articles found later in this post than I could ever try to list.


Unfortunately, and perhaps in particular to GoDaddy, SSL and other such security options come with a price as an addon service that someone much like myself with little or no budget for such extravagances are unable to really come up with a valid reason to pay for and apply to one let alone multiple sites which are really nothing more than hobbies to me.

There are many free SSL options available that will allow those who are confident that they may think that they know what they are doing when they apply such certificates manually, however it may be best to point out that if someone is charging for the service that you are more or less attempting to circumvent – even with the best of intentions – will most likely be less than willing or enthusiastic to help you debug your problems when things invariably may have gone wrong.

After much research and consideration I chose SiteGround for many reasons which also included SSL for free along with having been rated as the top of their game for WordPress hosting.

If you should happen to find yourself interested in SiteGround, please check them out from the following link below and as an affiliate member of their site, I will also get credit should you join those of us who are now using their services – perhaps yet another reason to consider them for hosting your websites 8)

Web Hosting

While much of the changeover dust has begun to settle, I am now in the process of tweaking and retweaking things that for once I have found particularly astute, patient and understanding of particularly noobish issues of which I may or may not be willing to admit that I initially may have found myself having to have dealt with perhaps moreso because of my actions rather than theirs 8)

For a bit more clarity of exactly of why I may have chosen SiteGround over others, please check out the following great articles which lay out the differences along with pros and cons of each.

A GREAT Article To Consider: SiteGround vs GoDaddy

SiteGround Review: A WordPress Developer’s Honest Review

In the end, SiteGround has been over and above in their abilities to help me through the migration of both sites and the transfers of my domain names (for a small fee I got an extra year for each along with privacy while transferring them, please visit their website for more information).

From their many introductory programs that are offered, I chose the deal that they offered for two years at which point I should be able to make a well educated choice if I will be willing to pay their price for renewal which so far I have little or no doubt that I will – but with everything and how time passes, who knows what will happen then while I am very happy now.

When out looking for hosting please look into all options before you may opt to change what and who you may be using now as such changes can be enlightening of what you must deal and contend with during such a process.

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