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A good place to think about your current work in progress

hunter_taking_aim_at_a_buck_clipart_imageRecently I was able to get away for a few days and enjoy my annual trek to Northern Minnesota in search of the ever elusive deer that are rumored to live around my parent’s cabin. There is nothing more peaceful than sitting on a deer stand, trying to avoid boredom, than to consider where your current work in progress is at and how it should move forward.

Does that mean I had all kind of notebooks or even a laptop out in the woods? Absolutely not.

squirrel1Instead I literally had a pluthera of squirrels to bounce ideas off of as they ran around me or toss up thoughts thrown out for the various birds that happened to swoop by. Now for those of the more organized variety this may have brought much angst as to keeping track of what you may have come up with – but on the same token it allows you to sit back and actually think about your story without having to make those cursed notes or pesky reminders.

If forces you to just sit there and think about things and sometimes your books and the story lines that they contain.

More often than not, I have learned to sorta, kinda, know how a particular book is going to end, but often find myself muddling in the middle as I try to go from how things started out to how I’m going to actually get there. By playing, replaying and replaying yet again the threads that are going to have to be there, once I got back I feel that I have a much better grip on how the current work in progress will progress once I get back to it.

Although I did manage to see four deer and actually get a shot off at two of them, regretfully we left the herd more or less intact for next season (my Dad got a doe) while still managing to work out some kinks that will eventually bubble up to much clearer and more concise ideas to work with in time.

Sometimes just letting it sit on a back burner is often the best tonic to any writer who’s every growing imagination needs much food for thought even while on vacation 8)


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