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Don’t forget your local public library

public-library-clip-artOne particular place that can get your book out to the general public along with giving them a chance to read it — which for many artists such as myself is what, in the end, drives us to write in the first place — is none other than your local public library.

Budgets being as they often are, consider donating a copy of your work(s) to your local library(s) as a method of assuring that they will have them on their shelves.

Many distributors, including will offer channels that already include many systems that public libraries use to order their selections, however it is entirely possible that your book(s) may not be among those that they opt to order for reasons that are entirely beyond your control.

Another option is to have friends visit their local library and ask about your book(s) which could result in an order being placed for it — or have them donate a copy themselves.

hammondavelibrary1I personally have memories of having wandered the many aisles of our local Hammond Avenue library in Superior Wisconsin years ago as I wondered how cool it would have been to have seen my name on the shelves along with the many that were already there.

bl-kassonpublibrary2Fortunately, now I can say that it is very cool thanks to our local Kasson MN public library. I’ve also donated a copy to the library in Rochester MN and within the week I plan to donate a copy to the public library in my hometown of Superior WI.

Although the Hammond Avenue Library is no longer a public library, I will feel proud to have completed the circle of someone who once wondered what it would be like, to someone who does and can appreciate the work involved to have been found on that shelf amongst so many others.

To many it may not be as big a deal as it may have appeared to me, but in the end it should be as the local library is perhaps one of the first places that many young readers start their journeys as they delve into what is out there to read and enjoy.

Kids often do pay attention to what their parents may have read 8)

Just a thought to consider when you next ponder where you would like your books to be found as kindness to local libraries is guaranteed to get you Karma points.

And everyone needs those 8)

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