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Welcome to mY New Space-Opera Series

The Dalea Chronicles

“While having embarked upon the search for life among the stars, one really should consider both the angle and wickedly sharpened edge of whichever moral compass that may have also been discovered and how it would in turn be applied to us as we strive for the best while hope is held high that we will not be forced to tolerate the worst should we have been allowed to have survived either.”
–  Bob Sellers JR, StarFall

BIOGENESIS: Book I of the Dalea Chronicles – Work In Progress (WIP)

On a distant planet as mining crews prepare to drill core samples, bones along with leathered flesh and other remnants of a mysterious race are found where there are little or no other signs of anything even remotely considered as advanced as what the remains appear to have been nor any hint as to why they were clearly buried, abandoned and forgotten where they lay.

To make matters even worse, beneath the surface of the planet a hardened layer of thick black rock is also discovered which defies any and all attempts that the miners may have had to penetrate and explore further that in turn causes them to send for even stronger equipment from a very distant earth upon a ship only recently retrofitted with a new and experimental propulsion system that if proven successful could allow for much faster travel over yet even greater distances.

But before the ship and her crew can even depart, mysterious messages from the crew on the planet are discovered that may have revealed what the miners have found which now means that a simple resupply trip has suddenly and irrevocably become far more of a complicated endeavor than it should have been as the race to reach the planet and its mysterious contents heats up in explosive fashion.

Welcome to the Dalea Chronicles


Books Two (StarFall) and Three (Starling) Future Books To Come


Within Science Station Barbarossa Six while in sustained orbit of Kellios Three everything has suddenly fallen apart only to have escalated even further for those aboard the starship Dalea where things go from bad to worse as everyone involved struggles to escape certain doom and utter destruction only to have suffered yet further from poor decisions made in the heat of the moment that brought with them untold consequences for the lifetime of those directly involved along with the unintended side effects inflicted upon everyone else.

Now the crew of the Dalea must come to terms with their new home as they contemplate that which their future may hold for both they and those of the planet below them who have already suffered upon a home that was once as new to them as it will become for the new arrivals.

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