Adventures with Smashwords Part 2

swlogoWell after discovering the difference between fixed format and free-flow with my kindle e-books I have to admit that Smashwords offers much to consider as their format and the suggested tools to achieve it have helped to get my e-book formatted properly for both SW and Kindle free-flow formats.

Now, my e-book has one format but two different versions to allow for a difference in copyright pages to acknowledge the distribution by KDP and SW. Unlike KDP, SW also has an ISBN associated with the e-book.

Fortunately for me this also means far less maintenance as I only have on e-book to edit as necessary.

While several marketing channels do overlap, I have been able to opt out of those that KDP will have my e-books in to avoid confusion (hopefully).

Going forward I will continue to use both distribution methods as a way to ensure that those on platforms outside of what Kindle can accommodate have an option to get my book and enjoy it.

The verdict? Two thumbs up!

Oh the fun and humor of Amazon Marketplace

So, I finally managed to get the nerve up to officially publish my first book, Blood-Lines:

Book I – Blood-Lines

Available on Amazon/Kindle Now

For you see, in order to create your author webpage both on Amazon and at other places, you actually have to have had something published on Amazon for them to verify your identity, which makes perfect sense.

Where the humor comes in is that I opted to publish Blood-Lines at about two in the afternoon my time and simply had to wait for things to transfer over and begin to pop up properly which they eventually did.

As I went about setting up my author page, I happened to go back to the listing for my book only to find four other vendors already were selling it for less than I had it listed for – which didn’t bother me as Amazon obviously makes deals with various distributors which undoubtedly include discounts along the way.

In reality such marketing does not affect me as my royalties are paid by CreateSpace through each order received for a printed book.

What surprised me, however, was to find a vendor listing my book as “used” for almost two dollars more than what I have it listed for. At first I was a bit confused as even I don’t yet have a released copy of my book let alone a used one.

So I took it upon myself to write to Amazon and ask about that. Apparently however vendors wish to list their products is acceptable until someone complains about it which makes sense. In this case, even if someone were to order my book as used they would be getting a brand new copy which undoubtedly would not bring complaints and even then it would be with Amazon and not me.

But now as I peruse Amazon for items of interest, I now know that sometimes used things are necessarily as used as one might expect.

As usual, keep in mind the price your paying for something whether it’s new or used.

It’s all in the marketing 8)