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Be Kind and Review What You Read

Whenever you purchase a book, be it for Kindle or off a shelf somewhere virtual or otherwise and once you have finished with it, please consider submitting a review of what you’ve just read.


Perhaps while the entire experience is still fresh in your mind.

Good, bad or indifferent – your opinion as a reader does matter not only to that particular author but others who may follow behind you as they peruse what options may be available for their download or purchase. and its many affiliates go to great lengths to offer, collect and display any and all reviews given just for that reason.

Also consider, as part of your review, some depth of explanation as to why you feel as you do about the book.

In a comparison of sorts, as a BBQ smoker, I’ve often had people use the classic line “that’s the best I’ve ever had!” which while appreciated does not tell me exactly why it is that they may have believed that.

Was it the harsh bite of spice that I happened to add this time? The twist of taste perhaps brought on by the injection? The fact that I steamed it with brandy instead of rum just to switch things up? Or that I let the fire get away one too many times and it was the char that attracted them.

While your reviewer may not know the underlying cause of why they like it, when asked many will go on to explain from their point of view exactly how it presented such a tasty morsel as it apparently did.

Or if it was complete garbage there will also be much detail in that offering as well.

We, as authors, learn from the whole realm of reviews that come our way and can be few and far between. Even the bad reviews can help when you discover that by having selected a particular font color entirely by accident that some of your text disappears on a Kindle when evening rolls around.

So, the next time you finish a book, take a moment and consider telling others what you may have liked, disliked or even just enjoyed about the book in either the presentation, the telling or how you may or may not have followed what the author was trying to spin in their tale.

Just please fill in the details of why it was that you felt the way you did and we will greatly appreciate your efforts as you may or may not have appreciated ours.

Perhaps call it Karma of sorts … or good things that come to those who review.


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