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Why have ads on your website? Because people shop.

Not long after I launchadvertising1ed my blog/website, I began to hear more and more about “opportunities” to make money by using ads – through Facebook, Google and other such services that are more than happy to take money to help you make money through them.

Wait, what? Suddenly worried that you may be on someone’s Facebook friends list and will now get bombarded with ads? In the words of Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers: R-e-l-a-x.

Facebook advertising uses lists that people build through various methods to createbull_title_card
lists of yet others who either match or have similar likes. If you, much like myself, avidly watch the new TV show “Bull” with Michael Weatherly, you could almost call it a “ghost jury” not unlike those portrayed in the show.

Marketing these days has all KINDS of ways to get ads to people on most any device that they own. Facebook and Google have gotten very good at it by giving the right tools to the right people. More than a few books have been written on how to make money simply by investing in Facebook advertising.

Want an example of how it works?

As the investor in the video above mentions, he’s been able to make quite a living at this process and explains that if you get an ad from Facebook and click on it, even though you don’t necessarily purchase that item, anything that you then continue to browse to will count for the person who placed the ad. In the case of one example, someone clicked on an ad for one of his book collections, opted out of buying it but decided on a sudden whim to purchase a three thousand dollar Rolex watch. Since the purchase was made while he had still been on the site that he’d used the ad portal to get to, the person who placed the ad got a small percentage of the sale. Such things can and do add up even where small percentages are concerned

In this way both the advertiser and the vendor benefit from a kind of teaming up of resources.

Now this often doesn’t come cheaply and you really need to  investigate before investing as the name “Ponzi” kept coming to mind while I looked into it – in this case it’s actually not a pyramid scheme at all, you actually get what you pay for with what you opt to invest over time – I realized it’s more like gambling that can and does pay off.

Reportedly, according to what he’s stated on occasion when asked, this particular investor often spends upwards of six hundred dollars a day on Facebook Ads that in return bring him roughly fifteen-hundred dollars or more in return.

Now before you pull out your checkbook, please realize that the person that I refer to has worked for years to finesse his list of a target audience and has mastered the art of such advertising along with what platforms he uses his ads upon and actually gives classes on how to do it. For someone starting out, as he often has suggested, you can get by through five to ten dollars a day to see how the returns come back for your investment.

Still a little risky and rich for my blood.

Amazon Associates     VS     Google Adsense

In my particular case I’m not ready for such investments or gamble, so I looked into other advertising ideas for my blog/website – Google Adsense and Amazon Associates.

Google Adsense

The good and bad of Google Adsense is that they only work with websites that are at the roots of any particular service provider. To those who don’t speak Geek, this means that if you have a website hosted beneath another, much like I originally had with my and ( originally was hosted as – they won’t let you use their services as explained through e-mails that are generic enough in nature not to explain the problem in any clear or concise manner (sorry Google, but you really need to work on that).

It actually wasn’t until I’d spent several hours researching and posting in their forums that someone explained what the problem actually was.

To solve the problem of hosting and roots, at least in my case, I separated both my websites to their own hosted entities, moved my WordPress blog/website and then reapplied – and waited. And waited. And Waited.

Did I mention that I waited?        dad_sleeping_on_a_couch_0515-1005-1302-0338_smu

One problem with Adsense is that you really don’t get much control over what and how things are done on your website other than laying out how and where ads will appear. As someone in my writer’s group recently pointed out from their experience with the service that it’s possible that you may get things advertised that you really wouldn’t want to be associated with and some hosted ads do come with hacker baggage nowadays so …

Needless to say, once I discovered how difficult it is for their analytics to analyze my website, the decision became very, very clear.

I gave up on trying to get Adsense to work with my site. If your curious – yes, I’m still waiting as of this post to hear that my website has not been accepted into the Adsense program.

They who hesitate, at least in this case, have lost out.

Amazon Associates

So then I turned to the Amazon Associates program.

Given that my book(s) have been or will be published through Createspace which is a subsidiary of sorts with Amazon, I opted to help support that which helped me get my various books published as they have or will.

Now this doesn’t mean that you will suddenly begin to get pop-ups or any such annoying ads – but you may find books listed with links to their Amazon pages where you can purchase them, which if you were to click on and follow the links, Amazon keeps track of where you got to them and those of us who are part of the program get a small percentage of the sale in return.

Before you start shaking your head, let me give yet another reason for consideration of going with this particular process.

Previously on my website, I’d gone through a LOT of trouble to build code that randomlyrandom-number-generator-158591 placed links to books that I thought others might enjoy and to help get the word out about books written by local authors.

Fortunately, I am very adept at programming most anything including my VCR and smart phone (sorry couldn’t resist age old humor) and was able to deliver what I wanted without having lost much speed on the load to my website or having it look the same way each and every time someone visited it.

Not that anyone else may have noticed, but I do and did. Think about the last time that you updated your website and how it looks each time people revisit it versus their original visit.

There was really no benefit to me for having done this other than the karma of feeling good about doing what I could to help others.

Now with the Amazon Associates program I can do much the same thing and bring yet even more to the table by giving prospective viewers of my webpage not only the links to the same books, but their prices as well – which may or may not yet further draw them to check said books out and if they happen to purchase the books I get something in return for my efforts.

Another great thing about the Associates program is that it allows you to place banner ads for Amazon services that will also bring you some income if visitors happen to apply through your ad.

Does this seem diabolical? It shouldn’t. Everyone shops, Googles and peruses such places as Amazon and other on-line retailers where they spend much more these days than they would have otherwise done had they gone to brick and mortar stores in the same instance.

All it does for those who happen to partake in the program is to offer a method that will in turn perhaps help pay for their web hosting or other such methods of advertising (and yes, my website could be and probably is considered an advertising tool in and of itself for my hobbies).

AD Block
AD Block

So in the end, if you don’t want to see ads as you visit websites, by all means turn them off using addons to your browser such as adblocker or others such tools that are out there.

For me it was just a better way of doing what I’ve already been doing and in this case perhaps getting some return for my efforts.

I hope you enjoy the new look 8)

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