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Concept Art based upon artwork by Bill Moomey and Jennifer S. Lange

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mY Weird Wild West Series
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"Dirt was dirt; it didn't really care if you were right or wrong when it covered your coffin."

-  Bob Sellers JR, Blood-Lines

A Collection of Short Stories
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"Every druid is well aware that the earth on which we live is nothing more than a spinning ball of sand, rock and water in one or more blended form. Everything else such as life, religion or other such ongoing nonsense is nothing more than that of slick lichen which ... over time ... has come to cover it not entirely unlike that of slime upon a wet stone.

Remove the lichen and once again you are left little more than sand, rock and with any luck ... water."

-  Bob Sellers JR, Akkadian

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Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast
Interviewing and Learning from Successful Authors

The Creative Penn
Resources to help write, publish, market and make a living on your writing

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