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    Blood-Born is now out and available on Amazon and other retail outlets. Available Here. Whether it’s my book or others, please remember to leave a review as they are always appreciated by others who may come …
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    After the latest last read through Blood-Born is now going to proof print which will allow for yet another final read through (or yet more) which should mean a release will come before the end of …
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    While I was able to publish a book with two covers in both print and e-book for Amazon and other retailers through Creatspace, apparently Smashwords does not allow such to occur… Go figure, right? So if …
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    Web pages (and blogs for that matter) can be as much fun  as crafting a story, although to be honest there are just way too many ways that things can be put together along with the …
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    Well, after much tinkering, editing, re-editing and yet more editing, I have finally managed to get my collection of short stories published with both covers. Blood-Spatter – A Collection of Short Stories Available Now on Amazon …