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    While I was able to publish a book with two covers in both print and e-book for Amazon and other retailers through Creatspace, apparently Smashwords does not allow such to occur… Go figure, right? So if …
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    Thanks to a new tool that I recently discovered, Ultimate E-Book Creator, I was able to create and publish the e-book versions of Blood-Spatter in a far more timely fashion than I originally expected. I really enjoy …
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    Web pages (and blogs for that matter) can be as much fun  as crafting a story, although to be honest there are just way too many ways that things can be put together along with the …
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    Well, after much tinkering, editing, re-editing and yet more editing, I have finally managed to get my collection of short stories published with both covers. Blood-Spatter – A Collection of Short Stories Available Now on Amazon …
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    Well, after an overly extended break where I took the time to retool parts of the next books, I have finally managed to come up with what will be the end of book four which had …
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    One of the most difficult time to find time to be creative is during the Holiday season that starts just before Thanksgiving and lasts through New Years. Why? Well, for starters – family obligations, Black Friday …